Traditional Medicine and Medicinal Plants Preservation and Revitalization Project

Circle of Sacred Nature is proud to support a medicinal plants diversity project at the home and healing center of Taita Juan Agreda Chindoy.  Celina, the founder of CSN, has been involved in this endeavor since 2010, and CSN as an organization continues to support this project.


Taita Juan lives in a small pueblo called Tamabioy, outside of the larger city of Sibundoy. Located in the Upper Putumayo region of Colombia, Sibundoy is known for its distinct microclimate. As a result, the traditional medicine pharmacopeia has developed alongside unique ecological conditions and is blessed with incredible diversity.

 Taita Juan is passionate about preserving and reviving the extensive medicinal plants pharmacopeia of the Kamentsa community. The medicinal plants garden at his home and healing center reflect the bounteous ways that nature offers us medicine. In addition to the gardens serving as a living library of traditional plant medicine, Taita Juan also offers education and outreach in the local community.


about Taita Juan

Taita Juan comes from a rich legacy as the son of renowned healer, Taita Martin. From a young age he traveled with his father learning about medicinal plants. He developed as a healer in his own right as a young adult and continued his passion for supporting traditional medicine in his community. As the governor of the community he initiated several projects aimed at revitalizing and supporting traditional medicine use and understanding. His hope is for the medicinal plant gardens at his land to function as a continual resource for the Kamentsa community.


Csn involvement

CSN has been involved in supporting the medicinal plant project at Taita Juan’s land through offering support for infrastructure development and continued maintainence. Celina was also involved in one of the founding initiatives involving collecting plant species in the region that were growing scarce and on the the verge of extinction. This involved going to various places in the valley, gathering cuttings, and then creating garden’s at Taita Juan’s land in order to propagate them. Many of these species are only known in the Kamentsa dialect.