CSN Spiritual Care Programs

CSN draws upon the philosophy of our organization and our diverse influences to create holistic spiritual care programs that work with specific focus groups. These take place in the United States and abroad.


Spiritual care immersion program in colombia

A focused immersion offering therapeutic support for those dealing with challenging conditions such as addiction, depression, eating disorders, chronic disease, and end of life distress. Our understanding is that many diagnostic conditions have a spiritual crisis component underlying what appears to be manifesting. This comprehensive program offered under the supervision of Taita Juan and the CSN therapeutic team offers a unique approach to supporting individuals. It is minimum 3 weeks in duration and individually designed. The first opportunity to participate in this will be Summer 2019. This program requires a thorough application process and interview. Email circleofsacrednature@gmail.com for more info.

Spiritual care addiction support program

Circle of Sacred Nature is offering a yearlong spiritual care immersion program for individuals struggling with addiction. Family members are also welcome. Through a combination of various retreat programs offered throughout the year and an online component, individuals will have the opportunity to engage with innovative tools, resources, spiritual ceremonies, and a supportive community container to navigate the challenges of addiction. Please email circleofsacrednature@gmail.com for more info.

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Diversity and inclusion program

CSN is committed to fostering accessibility, inclusion, and diversity in our community retreat programs. Thanks to a generous grant offered to CSN in January 2018, CSN was able to sponsor a People of Color ceremony program that launched our initiative in this area. We are now working with past participants and a team of advisors to create ongoing sustainable programs aimed at further addressing diversity and inclusion. Please email circleofsacrednature@gmail.com if you are interested in learning more about this initiative and/or in collaborating with us to further support this work.