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Plant Medicine Retreat

Sacred Valley of Sibundoy, Colombia

Taita Juan

The Experience

Here in the land of origin at Healing Center Shanayoy, we will come together for a time of deep healing and profound learning, guided by the plant medicine Yage(Ayahuasca), and master healer Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy. Longtime apprentices Celina De Leon, Erika Salazar, and Kopali Serna will support these retreats and provide full translation, preparation, and integration guidance.


In these times we pray for an opening for humanity to flourish and be supported by the love of the Sacred Plants and the Prayers of our Ancestors. We will humbly come together and pray for a clear vision forward that leads to the healing of ourselves and humanity.


This retreat will have an educational component focused on medicinal plants and traditional healing with talks led by Taita Juan about yage medicine and its ancestral uses.

What's Included

  • Lodging and ceremonies at the home and healing center of Taita Juan Bautista Agreda. 

  • 3 Sacred Plant Medicine ceremonies and individual healings.

  • Individual and group counseling sessions before and after ceremonies to prepare and integrate.

  • Integration practices and built-in time for rest and reflection. 

  • Local cuisine prepared by Taita Juan’s family specifically for the ceremonies. 

  • Hot springs/waterfalls/local artisan excursions.

  • Yoga, Plant Medicine walks and Plant medicine education.


Upcoming Dates & Price


February 1-11, 2024
waitlist only

June 20-28, 2024


20% discount
With deposit made 4 months in advance

Program Elements

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Integration is an essential component of this retreat. We believe that the true benefit of attending this type of retreat happens afterward- when you are able to integrate the teachings from the ceremonies into your daily life, create more harmony with all your relations, and be of greater service to your community.  


Taita Juan is a renowned traditional healer and his students will be supporting your experience. They are experienced ceremony facilitators in their own right with a minimum of 15 years of experience. Together we draw from diverse backgrounds and expertise and are grounded in solid traditional lineage training and practice with plant medicine. You will be held in great care throughout the entire process of your journey with us. 


We are committed to engaging in indigenous reciprocity. As an organization we support the roots of where our founding lineage originates in Sibundoy, Colombia. We also have a scholarship initiative to increase access to our programs. By attending a CSN retreat, you are supporting causes beyond yourself.


Each group is capped at 12 participants and ceremonies will have locals from the indigenous community attending. The communal experience at our retreats create a sense of family and safety for each group. The land and space is a true sanctuary in nature that supports a container for deep inquiry and reflection.



Taita Juan
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Celina De Leon
Erika Salazar
Kopali Serna

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