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Our Service Projects

CSN is involved in various service projects that align with our mission of supporting biological and cultural diversity. This translates into our community engagement in the Kamentsa community where our lineage is from. And we also actively work on initiatives here in the United States that support diversity and accessibility to our spiritual care programs and retreats.


We work to support indigenous-led initiatives towards community resiliency in Sibundoy, Colombia. Our projects include community food security, seeds supply, cultural revitalization, and traditional ceremonial and medicinal plant preservation. 

Current Projects


Kamentsa Community Health Support

This Health Clinic project combines traditional medicine and allopathic/bioenergetic/functional medicine offered by a Colombian physician, Dr. Franco. This program was envisioned by Taita Juan as a way to bring quality medical care to his community. We hope to run this clinic 4 times next year. 

Native Tree Nursery and Reforestation in the Amazon Kamentsa land

This project will steward 500 native tree saplings to be planted. This project will start at Taita Juan's healing center, Shanayoy, and will serve as a base for the further distribution of native tree species throughout the community.

Kamentsa Cultural Revitalization

CSN has been supporting cultural revitalization efforts for many years in the Kamentsa community of Sibundoy, Colombia. Some of these initiatives include Kamentsa language education programs for youth, traditional weaving and arts programs, financial support to Kamentsa elementary schools, medicinal plants projects, and direct support for Kamentsa elders to meet their basic needs. 

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Kamentsa Medicinal Plants Biodiversity Project:

CSN has been involved in a medicinal plants and traditional medicine preservation and revitalization project at the land of our principal teacher, Taita Juan Agreda Chindoy. This is part of an ongoing effort to support the preservation of traditional medicine and medicinal plant diversity in the Kamentsa community.

Dignified Shelter and Seeds of Hope Initiative

We raised a total of $15,968 through the Land of Origins Project to directly benefit the community through distribution of organic vegetable starts and basic shelter support.  What began as a direct response to Covid-19 evolved into a sustainable project that will benefit the community far beyond the pandemic. 1000 families directly benefited and 8 homes were rebuilt. Learn more (link to land of origins site)

Maloka Construction

Our main fundraiser for 2018 was aimed at supporting a traditional ceremony structure to be built at Taita Juan’s land. This structure is known as a maloka and it is considered to be a ceremonial gathering space that supports traditional medicine and community gatherings. We continue to support cultural revitalization programs that are based out of the maloka, particularly geared toward educating Kamentsa youth about traditional medicine and the Kamentsa language.

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